Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Speaking to the wound/Psychosomatic issues

Ask your wound what it needs?  What does it look like to you?  Remember it;s your body.  As your body heals your emotions heal too.  Body, emotions and mind are all linked.  Emotional wounds can manifest in physical forms.  Where is your wound located?  People often say their stomach.  This area is our solar plexus or danitien as they say in Chinese medicine.  A centre for our empowerment.  People often talk about the wound as being like a cyst or some kind of ball of dirt.  Often they have been unaware of it for many years and only now is it coming into consciousness.  It could have been carried around for a long time.

Usually what it needs is lots of love, validation, support, sometimes forgiveness.  That knowing that you did the best you could in the past and that you are only human.  It's important to recognise then let go of those condemning voices.  You may have been trapped in a shamed place where you felt pressured to always be someone you were not causing a build up of toxic shame which was never yours to begin with.

Our body often needs rest at this time.  It's so easy to ignore the wound.  In fact it's habitual because that's our pattern.  We need to work on new habits though.  Give it a form and a voice and allow communication to take place.  Build a compassionate and disciplined relationship with it like you would with a child you love.  Help the pain to dissolve.

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