Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reflections and growth through narcissism 2

Continuing a theme of some feelings, reflections and growth through narcissism

Them just going on.  Dominating, controlling, an inability to leave anyone alone.  Running up to someone else to gang up on you if you say something that doesn't fit with their viewpoint.  A total gang mentality.  Completely and utterly normalised as the supposed best way forward.  As if somehow they're the pioneers for the future of humanity when the truth could barely be so different.

As soon as not being totally right is threatened the vampire teeth come out.  Then it's unwinnable.  You're dead ! A forum of zero empathy.  The only way forward is backing out and away at which point you've become the crazy one.  He/she has gone crazy they'll say.  You're left as a shell while a calmer one wondering what was real, if anything.  Even years of having it affirmed you weren't at fault still leaves you doubting.

Shadows and toxic shame as principles to be aware of and work on are non existent.  It's just about winning.  Principles about actualising are ridiculed, but it's their shadow that is saying this which has been repressed into their unconscious.  We're just animals seeking domination.  The worst person wins.  Partly true while totally self contradictory in where they speak from.  Narcissists and Psychopaths do win at the time.

We need to see that and aspire to be the revered person.  To study principles of the creative and self actualisers and know that destructive behaving people only do this from their own sense of shame.  We can work to our place of peace and see the darkness but become an example of light for others to see.
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