Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Becoming Vegan

Becoming Vegan was a big part of my journey of personal development and growth.  This change happened to me while living in New Zealand in mid 2012.  This change of lifestyle was promoted and supported by a personal and spiritual development group I became connected with which teaches mainly Tao and Buddhist principles and an emphasis on compassionate living and a developing spirituality.

Certain myths were cleared up which I had grew up with around protein and the idea that eating meat was somehow essential and important in the human diet.  I was able to see how I could be very healthy and at the same time begin to live with a deepening level of compassion and to know I was doing minimal harm when I ate.  I was also able to cut out the wearing of clothes containing animal products and now live happily and healthily as an ethical Vegan.  It has been a wonderful change for me on my journey of personal growth and development.

Although I am an ethical vegan in working with the principles of minimal harm my health did in fact improve also and I loved the feeling of being full but not in the same heavy way I had been used to when eating meat regularly.  I also think I must have been lactose intolerant to some degree as my skin became much clearer.  I felt like a veil was lifted and I felt more conscious and I was aware of so much suffering in animals and also the incredible damage this does to our environment and have felt strongly that on all levels a move towards horticulture is a way forward.

I have worked for SAFE in Auckland who work to safeguard animals from exploitation and am also going to set up regular donations to my new charity of choice 'Go Vegan'.  Go Vegan supports and promotes transition to a Vegan life for the purpose of good health, protecting animals and protecting the environment.  From the website you are able to order a Go Vegan starter kit which gives more information on Veganism in terms of the positive impacts this can have all round as well as menus and nutrition guides.  As a client you can also feel free to ask me for a starter kit in session should you wish.

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